Towelie Tegridy Shirt

towelie tegridy shirt
  • Available for: men & women
  • Sizes: small, medium, large, XL, 2XL, 3XL
  • Colors: Asphalt, Slate, White, Silver, Grass, Kelly Green, Brown, Olive, Dark Heather, Heather Grey
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton (sometimes including Polyester)
  • Washing Machine: Yes (but cold, and make sure to dry low heat)
  • Fit: Normal
towel close up

About The Towelie Tegridy Shirt

Don’t forget to bring a towel! A phrase most of you must have heard of before, right? Towelie, the most promising business partner for Tegridy, is a truly unique character. Some like his presence and some have their criticism. Which is all perfectly fine and understandable since we all have our own sense of humor.

With Towelie’s presence at the farm it’s not a big surprise that he has become a superstar when it comes to merchandise. After his first appearance in series 5 of South Park it seemed as if Towelie was just a temporary thing. In the meantime we guess it’s pretty obvious that the show has given him a major part of the attention.

It all started when Towelie visited Tegridy as an agricultural inspector. Randy’s products amazed the little blue towel and so finally they teamed up to get the business running. The video below tells it all, but we guess for most of you it’s old news. You’re here for the shirt, and that’s what counts!

towel different colors
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You’re A Towel

A sentence that has been repeated a couple of times throughout the Tegridy series. Fun fact is that Towelie called Randy a towel, after which Randy seemed to be annoyed. Is this a new way of communicating? After all the surprises the creators of South Park managed to come up with, this could become a new trend. Let’s wait what happens next.

We understand how this shirt could be a brilliant match for one whilst at the same time someone else may think “a towel?”. It’s all a matter of adoring this blue fellow who made millions of us laugh a dozen of times.

Not really sure about this version? How about the Classic version that represents the Tegridy logo at the entrance of the farm? Or maybe you want to check out the Hemp shirt, a classic! The 300K, the Burger and the Reggae design are stunning too, however we guess these clothes are more appropriate for specific fans who adore a certain scene. Whatever you decide, we hope we were of some help.

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