The Jamaican Reggae Shirt

reggae tegridy t-shirts
  • Available for: men, women and youth
  • Sizes: small, medium, large, XL, 2XL, 3XL (kids 2 – 12)
  • Colors: Black, Navy, Asphalt, Slate, Baby Blue, Silver, Lemon, Dark Heather, Heather Grey, Heather Blue
  • Fabric: Cotton (sometimes combined with Polyester)
  • Washing Machine: Yes (but only cold)
  • Fit: Regular
tegridy farms reggae close up picture

About The Reggae Shirt

Can you recall that moment when Randy celebrates all his new customers? It’s part of his advertisement campaign where he introduces the Tegridy t-shirts worldwide. The reggae tune at the 30 seconds mark together with his dance moves inspired us to add this item to our website. For your convenience we added the clip further down below.

Now we are aware that this shirt is different, but if you want the Tegridy logo the options are limited. We believe the script adds to the purpose of why we want one in the first place. It’s all about representing the farming business with a special dedication to the Jamaican vibes.

Just like the classic design, the green leaf will probably explain the type of agriculture all by itself. To us, Randy’s ranch is one of the most exciting additions to the show and we hope his adventures will continue. Let’s wait what happens next and if new apparel will follow accordingly.

reggae shirt different colors impression
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Reggae Inspiration

Even though the sound of reggae hasn’t been a major part throughout the South Park seasons, we do recall Randy singing Buffalo Soldier at some point. How cool would it be to get more of that in the future? Sure, there is a connection between grass and this genre. That’s probably why it’s a good fit for the latest Tegridy broadcast.

The typical black, green, yellow and red colors are almost all represented in this design. Except for the black. If you want to compensate for that you could select a darker version of the shirt itself and it’ll be all rasta style. Play a funky tune and let the magic happen.

In case you don’t prefer the green leaf in the center you could also go for a more “innocent” look. The hemp, the 300 or the burger fashion may be a good alternative. In the end, many products come with this print on the front. So we guess it’s up to you to decide.

tegridy inspiration


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