The Tegridy Logo/Billboard Shirt

  • Available for: men & women
  • Sizes: small, medium, large, XL, 2XL, 3XL
  • Colors: Black
  • Fabric: Cotton/Polyester
  • Washing Machine: Yes, cold and with similar colors
  • Fit: Classic

About The Tegridy Logo Shirt

Clean and straight to the point, you can’t go wrong with this Tegridy design. At the end of the video below you’ll get all inspired by how this billboard came about. Wanna grow and be successful? Well, you gotta at least have an eye-catching logo in front of your green hills.

Randy Marsh proved to us that he really belongs to one of the most hilarious personalities in the TV series. Somehow he always gets himself into the strangest circumstances. A while back he already grabbed our attention when he became the famous singer “Lorde”, but now with his Tegridy Farm business he took things much further.

If you’re a Tegridy fan we guess wearing a t-shirt is the main reason why you came to our website. Who know’s we’ll be adding more different apparel in the future. There are so many of these items that it’s hard to keep up. But we’ll keep doing our very best.

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There’s More Hmmmmmkay

That’s right. All shirts are listed on our homepage or you can visit them directly from here. There’s the Classic, the Hemp, the 300K, the Burger, the Reggae and the Towelie shirt. And probably a whole to more in the meantime.

Unfortunately this edition is only available in black. But most of the shirt we showcase come in a variety of colors. So there oughta be something you will love. Or you can just wait and check what new designs will be available on the market.

All together, this Tegridy shirt is an amazing way to represent Randy’s farm. The logo gives a good impression of the company that fans worldwide will easily recognize.

tegridy inspiration


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