The Tegridy Burger Shirt

tegridy burger shirts info
  • Available for: men and women
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL
  • Colors: Heather Grey (shirts that come in colors are listed below)
  • Fabric: Cotton (and partial Polyester)
  • Washing Machine: Yes (avoid heat though)
  • Fit: Regular
tegridy burgers close up

About The Burger Shirt

Inspired by Randy’s Grand Opening of the town’s first plant based burger joint, this must ring a bell for some of you. Lately the show has warmed our hearts for Randy, especially now that he’s doing commercials and speeches. The burger business is a truly unique way to keep us entertained.

If you pay close attention, this isn’t an exact copy of the one we witnessed in episode 4 of series 23. It’s almost the same, except that this burger has more color to it. If you’re searching for the original version you can find it here. Other than that it’s almost identical and should do the trick for most of you.

To get you in the right mood, or if you have no idea what this shirt is all about, we provided a video below. It takes you back to the moment when Tegridy Burger became the most successful restaurant in South Park. If you’re not familiar with the series it may help you understand why this jersey could be a great present for a serious fan.

burger different colors
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Attire To Choose From

We already took a moment to tell you about the background of this shirt. Because of it’s popularity there are a bunch of versions available in the meantime. If you think the traditional one is too boring you could go for something that’s more appealing. In the above picture we listed a few to get you all inspired. From left to right they are kelly green, purple and black. But you’ll find more options if you decide to go check them out.

We also came across sweatshirts and hoodies if that’s your thing. Just scroll through the suggested products and you’ll be fine. There even are tank tops and baseball tee’s available. Can’t make up your mind? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Maybe the classic, the hemp or the 300K clothing gear match your taste better.

To educate yourself about the burger story and to understand it’s mening you could visit a few sites. The ones we recommend are this fandom page and (for a more in depth review) wikipedia. If time is on your side you could even watch the whole episode over at South Park Studios. It’s free but sometimes there are commercials.

tegridy inspiration


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