The Tegridy Breakfast Shirt

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  • Available for: men and women
  • Sizes: small, medium, large, Xl, 2XL, 3XL
  • Colors: Black, Asphalt, Slate, Silver, Grass, Kelly Green, Olive, Lemon, Dark Heather, Heather Grey
  • Fabric: Cotton and Polyester
  • Washing Machine: Yes, but cold and with color wash
  • Fit: Classic
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About The Tegridy Breakfast Shirt

Do you know that episode where Randy and Towelie have their breakfast show? As Randy calls it “Where we talk everything Tegridy Farms”. With a microphone in front of them they discuss their Halloween Special and some other Tegridy related topics. At least, that’s their intention.

The “Tegridy Breakfast Live” poster in the background is what this shirt represents. Maybe you are a Youtuber yourself and find this design inspiring to wear. Or maybe you just love the whole idea of them spreading the word through camera. Whatever the reason may be, we needed to add this to our collection of shirts.

Unfortunately the show gets interrupted and the whole Halloween Special episode turns into one big adventure. We’d love it if somehow the Breakfast show would be continued at some point as we ourselves find it hilarious. Here’s a quick video as a reminder:

tegridy farms breakfast shirt colors
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Ready For Breakfast?

We guess that for some this shirt will add to the excitement of having breakfast. A true fan of South Park will express their fandom by wearing the appropriate apparel. If however this Tegridy shirt isn’t to your liking we’ll list a few alternatives for you below. Or simply head back to the homepage for an overview.

To stay as innocent as possible you could consider the 100% Hemp shirt. It doesn’t come with any logo and there’s no sign of the farming business whatsoever. A good piece of clothing for anyone not wanting to grab too much attention. You actually see Stan wearing a pretty similar version in some of the episodes. You could also go for something more specific, like for example the Towelie edition in case you adore this little towel. Another shirt with a deeper meaning behind it would be the Burger fashion.

Tegridy Farms can be found on various streaming platforms. It’s the 4th episode in season 22. But Randy and his farm return a couple of times throughout different shows. In case you are interested, you can also find us on Pinterest. We aim to share a few Tegridy pictures and shirts once in a while to keep everyone entertained. Feel free to join or follow.

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