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  • Available for: men and women
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL
  • Colors: Asphalt, Slate, Silver, Grass, Kelly Green, Brown, Olive, Dark Heather, Heather Grey, Heather Blue
  • Fabric: Cotton and/or Polyester (more details on product page)
  • Washing Machine: Yes (more tips before check-out)
  • Fit: Slim (advise: order one size bigger)
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About The 300 Thousand Shirt

Anyone who watched the episode “Shots”, which is Series 23 – Episode 3, will probably remember that Randy managed to earn 300 thousand dollars from his Tegridy farm. Who else laughed when he said “Now we’re living the dream” whilst the other family members look pretty annoyed. Amusement at it’s finest if you ask us.

Anyways, at around the 4 minute mark it’s time for Randy to celebrate his business. The parade out on the streets must have grabbed your attention in case you follow the latest videos. Which we’re almost certain about if you landed on our website. If not, you can stream the show by clicking here. What did you guys think of the commercial in that same episode? Hilarious right? It’s where the 300 thousand dollars t-shirt was born. Who would have imagined that in the meantime it’s a reality to purchase your own copy!

All together this shirt is quite a specific dedication to the successful Tegridy Farms experience. In case you prefer a more “basic” design you could consider to check out the Classic or even Hemp version. These clothes have a “global love for the show” feeling to them which could be a better fit for some of us. In order to get back to that special 300 moment, here’s a video to bring back those memories.

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Let’s Celebrate the 300 K Mark

An astonishing result for a farmer who has his background in geology. Remember when back in the days Randy won the Nobel Prize for his theory on moderation? He truly is one of the most surprising and inspiring characters from the 2019 updates. At least, that’s our opinion. To learn more about his background and adventures you could visit this fan page.

Now that he hit 300 thousand dollars, what’s next to come? It seemed as if the Tegridy farming business came to an end when at Halloween Shelly interrupted his jacuzzi welcoming party. But as of today it’s obvious that the farms are here to stay. Let’s hope for more entertainment and higher profits. A million celebration sounds fun to our ears, wouldn’t you agree?

Check out the 300 shirt and read all about it on the sellers page. Pay attention to maybe order a bigger size than you normally would as this item runs a little small. Let’s all support the farming industry and who knows what’ll happen. Maybe, if we show our love, we’ll be rewarded with more gear in the near future.

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